Land Shark Transpo is a bicycle-based food-transportation company providing exceptional service to the Washington, DC area. We pride ourselves on offering quick, reliable and communicative food delivery tailored to meet the many specific needs of our clients and their customers.

Our service is easy to use and our team can be quickly dispatched from any internet browser. Once our driver picks up the food, a message is automatically sent to the customer with a real-time tracking map. Real-time tracking means you and your customers can always see where the delivery is on the map. This visibility helps make for smoother pickups and drop-offs. No more nervous phone calls from customers.

When customers are waiting, every minute counts. Land Shark Transpo’s bicycle team helps you avoid costly bottlenecks during your busiest hours with our ability to transport orders free of traffic or parking issues.

Our service is extremely inexpensive and can be charged directly to the customer at a rate still below other competitive delivery services, leaving full profit percentages to you instead of third party delivery companies.  

Contact us today for more information and a demo of our service.