Get To Know: MICK (formerly Mick Boogie) Coming to The Lodge TONIGHT

By Marcus K. Dowling

Brooklyn-based MICK (formerly known as Mick Boogie) is likely one of the modern era's most respected foundation builders of hip-hop's growth into being a dominant part of global pop culture. He's soundtracked everything from the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States to Kyrie Irving spotting up for 15-foot jump shots in EA Sports' NBA Live '14 video game and yes, the recent Davos Economic Forum. Whether as a DJ or mixtape-making tastemaker supreme, MICK isn't just "The Commissioner" of the turntables, he's actually so much more.

The DJ who can finds the connective tie between Jay Z and Coldplay, mash Adele tracks with break-beats and play a key role as the host of mixtapes that break artists including Kanye West, Big Sean and Peter, Bjorn and John to another level of mainstream awareness, MICK is an iconic figure. A content collaborator with nearly 50 brands including Microsoft, SXSW, YouTube, Ralph Lauren, Adidas and HBO (for groundbreaking TV program How To Make It In America), he has the rare ability to remain grounded in the roots of what great music sounds like while also being at the cusp of cool.

Warming things up for MICK will be Washington, DC native Deejay Life. The regular and veteran Lodge at Red Rocks party starter proclaims himself as "that rare breed of dj that can bounce to the latest club bangers, vibe to the most soulful house, toast to the sweetest dancehall and rock the dopest classics."

Here's five amazing reasons to check out MICK at the Lodge at Red Rocks:

a) A native of Youngstown, Ohio, MICK was the official DJ for the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers in 2007. Of course, 2007 also marked the year that LeBron James led the Cavs to the NBA Finals. Thus, it's entirely possible that you'll be hearing someone who is likely regarded by LBJ as a one of his favorite DJ behind the decks.

b) MICK has partnered with none other than DJ legend Jazzy Jeff on five volumes of "Summertime" mixtapes celebrating Jeff's work with Will Smith (aka the Fresh Prince). These highly-respected mixtapes have also included unreleased Will Smith material. Yes, MICK's crates are just that deep.

c) MICK's rap credits don't just extend into gaining rap respect via corporate ears. He's also worked with Eminem, Diddy, Little Brother, A Tribe Called Quest and more on street-popular mixtapes, too. Again, MICK is a rare DJ whose ear is as plugged into  the block as it is to more ritzier surroundings. 

d)  There are 54 mixtapes of MICK's groundbreaking material available at Thank me later.

e) In Lodge at Red Rocks news, this AMAZING event will be 21+ and have NO COVER at the door. The rooftop deck will also be open, with numerous bar specials available.

The Lodge at Red Rocks is proud to have MICK for his first time alongside Lodge resident, DeeJay Life. Friday 4/24 9pm. No Cover. Event details HERE.