George Clooney Is Esquire's January Cover Star

......and he thinks anyone famous is a moron if they’re on Twitter.

Despite the actor’s rise to global superstardom, he says being famous is restrictive. In 15 years Clooney has not gone for a walk in New York’s Central Park, despite wanting to, and is still surprised by his success.

“There’s a funny thing about fame. The truth is you run as fast as you can towards it because it is everything you want. You get there and it’s shocking how immediately you become enveloped in this world that is incredibly restricting.”

On being a celebrity, he says: “Not that I’m comparing myself to Clark Gable or whoever but they couldn’t survive in this environment. They’d punch the shit out of some people. It requires a kind of Zen quality.”

The Gravity star also shares his views on social media, saying: “I think anyone who is famous is a moron if they’re on Twitter. It’s just stupid.”

— George Clooney VIA