Daft Punk – Get Lucky (Ft. Pharrell & Nile Rodgers) [FULL SONG STREAM]


The long awaited full version of the newest single from Daft Punk“Get Lucky” featuring Pharrell and Nile Rodgers is here. After commercials and the Coachella tease, we get the full track stream. Easily one of the most highly anticipated tracks in awhile, and such a game changing collaboration. Listen to the full track below. Thoughts?

If that wasn't enough Daft Punk news for one day, the band also took to Twitter to release the official tracklist from their forthcoming album. The track list and “Get Lucky” video teaser can be seen below.

1. Give Life Back To Music
2. The Game Of Love
3. Giorgio By Moroder
4. Within
5. Instant Crush
6. Lose Yourself To Dance
7. Touch
8. Get Lucky
9. Beyond
10. Motherboard
11. Fragments Of Time
12. Doin’ It Right
13. Contact