Stevie Wonder Turns 60 - Happy Birthday Stevie!

Happy Birthday to one of the most amazing artists of our time, Stevie Wonder as he turned 60 years old yesterday. I truly love Stevie and am in awe and constantly inspired by his body of work. He is a true living visionary and musical virtuoso.  Many know Stevie as the amazing voice they grew up hearing, whether it was your parents singing along to their old favorite tracks, Stevie making his beloved appearance on Sesame Street, or your favorite DJ elevating any party by dropping one of his classics, Stevie Wonder transcends era's and genres. But not everyone knows Stevie is also a master of most musical instruments while also playing most of the instruments on all of his records.  Attached are a few of my all time favorite Stevie Wonder clips representing the love that not only his audience has for him, but the love Stevie shares with his audience and his art.