Kanye Gets Punk on SNL!

Its hard in the life we live of total engulfed social media, not to be swayed or influenced by an artists personal life or antics. I cant imagine being in a room for 5 minutes with the self indulgent Kanye West that I constantly have shoved in my face. However, I cant get enough of the artist, Kanye West. As a consumer, his artist side is consistently doing everything I'd want him to do, but one step ahead. Just enough to always keep me interested in what's next.  

Maybe if it wasn't for Kanye always telling everyone how lucky we are to be in his presence, we'd be less surprised when he actually does something that makes us want to be in his presence. Maybe that's his genius and we are just a part of the Kanye West game?

You can love him. You can hate him. But Kanye West's music is received on a major pop music level while he's constantly showing us these days that he doesn't give a fuck about pop radio! And its STILL working! That is art. THAT is punk rock!

I'm not sure what the rest of the new album entitled Yeezus that comes out on June 18th will sound like. But after hearing the couple songs performed on SNL this past Saturday night, here's to the most punk rock tracks we've heard from any punk rock artist in a long time... and this time its coming from a rapper. Cheers!

KANYE WEST OFFICIAL SITE: http://www.kanyewest.com/