IDRIS ELBA!! Just saying that name causes some women to bite their lips and twist in their seats. He has a certain something that makes the ladies say, “uh” and the girls say, “ow!” But even with all of those things going for him, while many a woman pine away for him, THAT print, and his accent; I just want to make sure you never, ever forget that one time, when Idris TRIED IT.

For years he was the villainous, lordship of street pharmaceuticals – Russell “Stringer” Bell on the critically acclaimed HBO series, “The Wire”. And you know what, I believed him. I believed that Stringer Bell would kill you if he didn’t get his way. He owned that role and it has opened up doors for many great roles since.

Tyler Perry got ahold of Big Dris to play a wayward Daddy trying to do his best for his three daughters in “Daddy’s Little Girls”. Sure it was lackluster but again, Idris didn’t need more people, because after “The Wire”, we all knew that thug daddy was his thing. From Luther to Thor, Idris has been consistently killing Hollywood. So that’s why when I discovered the following video, I found myself confused, conflicted, and overcome with a laughter that rippled through my soul.

Idris Elba was once a budget rapper. I repeat, Idris Elba was once a budget rapper. Don’t believe me? That’s fine, you can watch his janky music video on the next page and see for yourself!

Can someone explain to me why the intro sequence went on so long? And who was homeboy with the Moleskine journal supposed to be? What’s in the journal and why did he have to hand it to the video vixen for safe keeping?

Was this attempting to be an homage to Belly when Tommy goes to meet with the leader before he kills him, but instead the version where the leader asks “King Driis” what happened to his “jam”? Smells like the thirst of Hazel as she cries to Yung Berg about the hit that isn’t happening.

Just when we thought we reached the abyss of terribleness, it gets worse – “King Driis” speaks. Clad in his generic rapper uniform – big ass white tee, LA fitted, and requisite tied up durag, he and the “jam hunter” start discussing the lack of said jam. WTF?!!

I was so lost as to why any of this occurred. But before I could process my thoughts, the beat drops and a baseline and video hoes abound – I wonder if there’s an explanation coming.

If you smartly assumed no further explanation was coming then see the video below