Ferguson decision protesters call to boycott Black Friday



The hash tags "Boycott Black Friday" and "Hands Up Don't Spend" were making their rounds on social media Wednesday.

The day after Thanksgiving has been traditionally a holiday shopping frenzy. Activists want to dissuade those who disagreed with St. Louis County's grand jury decision to not charge officer Darren Wilson for Michael Brown's death from shopping. The move, they said, will deliver a message to those in power.

Members of the Black Panthers and The Justice for Michael Brown Leadership Coalition were spreading the message on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Instagram. Consumers spent about 57.4 billion during Black Friday last year, according to Fundivo.  The activists hope to make a dent this year.

"Starve the system, starve the beast," Helen C. Lee said on Twitter. She describes herself as a social strategist.

While savvy retailers were already advertising their Black Friday discounts Wednesday, the message of "hurting the 1 percent" was getting around. Clergy in Atlanta and New York showed solidarity with the plan.

"Using economic and cultural power is just as important as political power," Eric Ward said. He is a program officer for the Ford Foundation.

The effort seemed weak Wednesday. While there were 89 million shoppers in 2012, the main social media Boycott Black Friday had about 4,000 supporters -- 189 on Twitter and 3,935 on Facebook.

Protesters were persistent. Some were associating more hash tags  --"Not One Dime," "Hit Em Where It Hurts," "Buy Black Friday" and "Don't Riot Don't Spend" were some of the new ones. And others were changing the chant of protests from "no justice, no peace" to "no justice, no spending."

EXCLUSION: The protest did not include Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving. The Monday tradition to shop online began about a decade ago and has grown more popular over the years. According to Fundivo online sales last year added to $2.29 billion.

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