Jay-Z acquires Ace Of Spade Champagne company


Remember on “Watch The Throne” when Ye spit “excuse my French but I’m in France“?  Well it looks like Jay Z has excused his French as well and purchased the champaign company Armand de Brignac.  The french company also know as Ace Of Spades has been rapper’s go to bottle popping brand since the Cristal incident of 2006 when owner Frederic Rouzaud gave off the impression that rappers were tarnishing the brand he worked so hard to build.  Jay Z is no stranger to large business deals and starting his own companies, the Roc Nation exec adds Ace Of Spades to his already impressive arsenal of brands.  Although the price of the deal has not been disclosed we can only image that a few bottles were popped as the deal was being signed.

Source: http://swaysuniverse.com/celebritywire/jay...