Is Kanye West a vampire? The Internet has more fun w/ April Fools Vogue

April Fools Vogue Cover keeps giving and giving.....

Is Kanye West a vampire? The Twitterverse certainly thinks so. BuzzFeed editor Katherine Miller was one of the first to notice that a photo from Vogue’s spread on West, Kim Kardashian and baby North seemed to show that the rapper has no reflection.

n the photo, Kardashian and her baby are standing in front of a mirror taking a selfie with her iPhone. West stands in front of them, taking another photo of the pair with his iPad. The problem is, the entire family seems to vanish in the mirror. It’s plausible that Kardashian is blocking her own reflection, but then what happened to West, and what’s more, the photographer?

Moreover, as many eagle-eyed commenters on Jezebel pointed out, the photo on West’s iPad doesn’t even match the angle from where he’s standing, and it’s unlikely the photo of the screen would be that sharp. It’s clear that there has been some heavy photo-editing on the photo, which led a few users on Twitter to make their own amendments.

 Via Metro