Get To Know: ELI ESCOBAR (NYC) - Coming To The Lodge This Saturday

By Marcus K. Dowling

It's with absolute certainty that we suggest that your favorite DJ at your favorite local nightspot loves Eli Escobar. Representing New York City, he's 20 years into a career that's seen him release a ton of well regarded tracks as a producer, but it's when he spins those tracks (and numerous others) live as a DJ where he's truly succeeded. 

2012's DC-area Redbull Threestyle DJ competition champion, Escobar's opener Spinser Tracy has quickly established himself as a DJ who is adept at seamlessly blending top-40 radio cuts and underground party favorites. A fan of blurring lines between genres, seemingly incomparable tracks have ties thatbecome readily apparent in the midst of his exciting live sets.

Here's three amazing reasons to check out Eli Escobar at The Lodge at Red Rocks...

a) He's not likely to play too many cuts with which you're not completely aware, as he's remixed a truly diverse set of artists and pop favorites including (but not limited to) DiploM.I.A., Britney Spears and Chromeo.

b) Unlike every other DJ you'll probably hear and see of late, Eli Escobar is truly a man of the people in that he absolutely loves requests. Regarding this, he says: "I like requests. Being a DJ and complaining about requests is like being a secretary and complaining about typing."

c) Eli Escobar's long-running Night People NYC party has spawned a similarly named record label. Night People (the party) is currently held at Output in Brooklyn, which for the purposes of DC dance fanatics is yes, the spot that is currently home to Nadastrom and DJ Sabo's NYC version of U Street Music Hall's vaunted Moombahton Massive events. A club described by Resident Advisor as "open to anyone, but is not for everyone" and "[valuing] the communal experience of music over cameras and bottle service," it perfectly describes the vibe of an Escobar DJ set.

It's a quite easy-to-argue statement that Escobar follows in a line of New York City's established standard of excellence that starts somewhere around the early 70s iconic Fire Island discos, navigates its way through The Loft, Studio 54 and the Paradise Garage. In unquestionably keeping that legendary disco and house legacy alive (with a flair for knowing how to seamlessly weave in modern styles, too) Escobar spinning a set at The Lodge at Red Rocks on Saturday January 17th is an absolute must-attend affair. More event details HERE.

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