When Street Harassers Realize The Women They're Catcalling Are Their Moms In Disguise




If you've ever wanted to tell a street harasser to stick it where the sun don't shine, but couldn't find the right words -- don't worry, these mamas got you covered.

A new PSA about street harassment shows what happens when men realize the women they're catcalling are actually their mothers. Sponsored by Everlast, the PSA takes place in Lima, Peru where, as the video states, seven out of 10 women are harassed on the streets. Everlast found two men who were "repeat offenders" and contacted their moms who agreed to dress in disguise and walk past their sons. 

The outcome is highly satisfying. After their sons yell some fairly unsavory things, the horrified moms publicly berate them. One of the women actually repeatedly hits her son over the head with her purse after he calls her "Tasty panties." It's everything you've ever wanted a catcaller to hear. 

So street harassers, next time you want to catcall a woman imagine how you would feel if she was your mom. Or just realize she's a human being and keep your mouth shut.

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