Things You're Not Supposed to Do w/Google Glass

There are certain things you won't be encouraged to do wearing one of these. Those are the things A.J. Jacobs did. Full Esquire story... here.

After much cajoling, and my solemn pledge to get contact lenses, Google sold me an early prototype for $1,500. I would be one of eight thousand “Explorers” — a group of engineers, scientists, artists, and journalists allowed to test it out. At the Glass office in New York (huge windows, free tea sandwiches), I got a crash course on how to connect my Glass to the Internet, take video, snap a photo, get directions, search for nearby Taco Bells, return e-mails, make calls, and watch CNN — all without the daunting effort of reaching into my pocket for my smartphone. I was also advised about what I should definitely not do.

So that’s what I would do. My mission: I would push Glass to its limits to give me a glimpse of the real-life utopia and/or dystopia that awaits.
— A.J Jacobs -