H Street's Newest Addition: Red Rocks

Over the past couple years, the space at 1348 H street, NE has definitely had its fair share of purposed restaurants and nights clubs claim the space. Just as quickly as hopeful H Street walker by's watched businesses signs go up on the building, they'd almost immediately be removed and replaced once again by a "for lease" sign.  Whether it be licensing issues or land lord tenant issues, for one reason or another, no single business was able to get the front doors open. So the building sat like a giant over done eye sore, until now. Columbia Heights Neapolitan styled Pizzeria, RedRocks has completed their build out and should be a week or so from opening. And the build out looks damn good I might add! Read H Street Great Street's full story on the new location HERE.

Source: http://hstreetgreatstreet.blogspot.com/201...