Meet Sonny James - Coming to The Lodge in May

Sonny James (aka: Statik) is an amazing DJ out of Philly, representing one part of the Illvibe Collective with partner, Matthew Law (aka: Phsh). Sonny Was recently featured by DJ Jazzy Jeff as a part of the mix tape series, Your Favorite DJ's Favorite DJ (see the video short with Jazzy Jeff below). I personally got the chance to meet Sonny and see him in action for the first time last month when he came through DC as a surprise guest of Rich Medina (see images here). The crowd was in awe of both his technical abilities and the selections he picked. Sonny totally had the packed house rocking!  

Directly to the right is a live mix Sonny James just made while a guest of the Berlin radio show, Hip Hop Don't Stop. Sonny is in Germany throughout the week playing a number of venues, including one of our favorites, Tube Station.

We are looking forward to having Sonny James back in the states with partner, Matthew Law on Saturday 5/10 at The Lodge At Red Rocks. As always, The Lodge is NO COVER. Add it to your calendar.